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“Know thyself. Nothing in excess. The Self is required to balance the Self.”

How the NFTs are made?

Let me explain all the steps from wood to blockchain. Click for a detailed version of the entire process.

Road Map

Here is a roadmap of the project for the year 2022

The base

Put the website online, setup the social media accounts and go live.

The First Batch

I will make the first batch which include 100 NFTs. They will be sold for 0.03ETH/NFT.

The Second Batch

I will make the second batch of 50 limited special NFTs for the price of 0.05ETH/NFT.

The Third Batch

I will make the third batch which include of 100 NFTs. They will be sold for 0.1ETH/NFT.

The Giveaways

I will celebrate the power of these talismans by making ETH giveaways after each batch is sold. A part of the owners will simply receive ETH by transfer to their wallet addresses.

How much it costs

The second batch


Second batch - 50 NFTs

After the First Batch is sold
  • improve all aspects of your life
  • be among the first owners
  • buy at a low price
  • you may receive 0.05ETH giveaway

*5 owners will receive their investment back after the batch is sold

The Third Batch


Third batch - 100 NFTs

After the Second Batch is sold
  • improve all aspects of your life
  • join the community
  • buy at a low price
  • you may receive 0.1ETH giveaway

*10 owners will receive their investment back after the batch is sold


You need more info?

Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions that should give you the answers

Each talisman has it's own characteristics and it's own energy. This, combined with your personal energy and the rituals that were performed when the talisman was created, will attract specific events and people in your life.

Yes, you can own as many as you feel that you need. Each of them has specific rituals involved and characteristics but there is no conflict between them. All of the talismans that i make are created to bring only good things in your life.

I use the same ancient methods as the Elders used. From the spiritual meditation to the actual creation of the talismans. The difference is that I write on blockchain instead of stones. The energy and power is the same or even stronger.

Yes, you can sell or transfer your NFT at any point and it will work for anyone that just owns it. This is because the NFT is the only thing left from the original talisman as I burn all of them after I take the pictures. From the moment of sale or transfer, the talisman will no longer have effects for the previous owner.

After you buy the NFT you should meditate a little by just looking at it for a few minutes. If you are relaxed enough, you should experience heat or maybe some tingling sensations. This is just normal as you absorb the power of the talisman.

Some talismans are not to be made for everyone. But the Elders used to say that the runes call for you. So if you landed on this page, at this very moment, maybe it is your calling. Email me with your specific talisman request or join me on Discord and we will discus about it.

Yes, it will work just by owning it. After I finish the work and make the picture, I burn the talisman to ashes so the only thing left from it is now a picture. Because you are the only one who posses that picture, you also posses it's energy.

Probably not because you will have to know all the rituals involved and receive initiation from another initiated runemaster in order to use the runic magik.

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